Fear Experience
Environmental Design and Motion Rendering
Spring  2012
A theoretical design for a fear experience. The inspiration came from my own fear of schizophrenia. I must clarify that those who suffer from schizophrenia do not frighten me, but the disease itself does. There are just so many unknowns about schizophrenia and If you lose control of your own mind, you lose everything, and that is a truly terrifying prospect

I also wanted to experiment and develop my skills in light and light motion rendering. I also did all of the sound editing for this project.
I started the process with an pen and wash drawing and then used Photoshop to layer on and render the projections. After rendering upwards of 20 still images, I took those still images and animated them together in Adobe Premier where I added the edited sound.  The sound was a remix of the song "Homage A John Cage"   by Nam June Paik.
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