"Headstrong wannabe fashion designer Flora Mezaros is a member of an artists' co-operative of bohemian types - dancers, musicians, designers - struggling to find work during the Great Depression. Hoping to find a job which pays at least $15 a week, she is hired by the head of a large department store at $30. She falls in love with Harry Toukarian, another struggling designer, who attempts to convert Flora to his Communist ideals. Even though it compromises her job in an organisation which does not recognise the new unions she seeks to hold down both job and relationship. Complicating matters is a predatory Communist matriarch, Comrade Charlotte, who wants Harry for herself, a secretary with designs on her boss, and Kenny and Maggie, a jazz dancing duo with their sights on greater things.
In the end, however, Flora finds herself torn between two vastly different ideals, and has to sacrifice one or the other for true happiness." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flora_the_Red_Menace

In my design, I wanted a magical transition from the bleak,real world of 1930, to the oddball world of the communists. The real world is represented by bleak grays, blacks, and whites. The world of the communists comes brings the stage alive with vibrant reds.  The scenes alternate between bleak moments and bright moments as Flora's story unfolds.
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