Utah State University 2012
Directed by: Ken Risch
Set by: Spencer Potter
Projection by: Kenny Driggs
Lighting by: Bruce Dureden
My approach to this large musical was creating a flexible efficient set with multiple elements that could rearrange to make the many locations of the musical. Space and resources for a lot of moving scenery was limited, but a few well placed and well designed elements proved highly effective in creating the fun and lively world of Elle.
For the aesthetic of the show I was inspired by the neoclassical influences in sorority culture, ivy league academia, and classic courtrooms. With this neoclassical look I combined what I felt expressed Elle and her world, bright, fun, fashionable, bubbly shapes.  I was also inspired by the fashion runways and the type of minimalist style present in them.  I thought it would work well to showcase the actors and provide the base for specific scenes. The minimalist style I chose incorporated semi translucent materials to create a feeling of lightness and provide a surface for lighting that could help change the mood of each scene. 
Projections played a vital role in helping change scenes and punctuate moments. Kenny Driggs was the perfect guy for the job and worked with the director and I to explore and create the images.
Elle and her sisters at the Delta Nu sorority house.
"Serious" - Warner and Elle at an elegant LA restaurant..
Part of the "What You Want" song sequence - Elle visiting her mom and dad at their country club.
"Harvard Variations" - Elle and her new law classmates in the Harvard quad.
"Blood in the Water" - Inside Professor Callahan's classroom.
"Chip on Your Shoulder" - Elle and Emit studying in her room.
"Whipped into Shape" - Boston women's correctional center.
"Take It Like a Man" - Elle and Emmit shopping for Emmit's new look.
"Legally Blonde" - Emmit trying to convince Elle to stay and not give up.
Final court scene.
"Scene of the Crime" - Chutney Windham's bathroom.
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