Various collections in makeup artistry and design. I love working in makeup and would like to explore it further!
Makeup & Hair design for Dixie State Universites Pirates of Penzance - 2008
The major part of this project was designing and styling a whole pirate crew's worth of facial hair! I wanted each pirate to have his own distinct personality characterized by his facial hair. I purchased basic ventialted hair peices. I cut, restyled, and altered each piece to achieve the look I wanted.
Misc. Makeup
Expedition zombie makeup for Halloween.  I used liquid latext, tissue and to build up my the bone structure and make a nice skeletal rot.
Expedition Zombie
Edgar Allan Poe look-a-like makeup
Prosthetic sculpting for a partial 3D makeup project
Basic old age character makeup for Father Jack in Dancing at Lughnasa.
Fantasy character makeup my interpretation of "The Sandman"
Good ol' fashion gender swap! BEFORE
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