Hat Making
Millinery Class Project
 A fanciful, Paul Poiret-esque hat. Built on a handmade buckram pillbox frame,
Hats for Tuacahn Center for the Arts' Les Miserables - 2008
Base for purple wedding hat
Finished purple hat
Base for burgundy wedding hat
Finished burgundy wedding hat
Base for gold wedding hat
Finished gold wedding hat.
Sadly the hats were all cut during the final dress because of high winds in the ampitheatre
Thenardier's cap
Phrygian cap for the revolutionaries all with hand made coquardes
Bishop of Digne's hat. Made with buckram frame and stretched felt
Thenardier's finished hat. My favorite detail is the small noose tassel
Thenardier wearing a Phrygian cap
The Lovely Ladies. I made all of the hats from damaged stock hats which we decorated with feathers and fringe for that "Oh-So-Streetwalker" look.
Hats & Crafts for Tuacahn Center for the Arts' Aida - 2009
Amneris' iconic red crown. Buckram base with red microfiber and gold ornament
Pharaoh's white and gold crown. Foam base exterior and foshape center cone
Pharaoh's crown with another white crown I built for Amneris
Egyptian soldiers' armor. All hand cut and dyed leather. Assembled with rivets
Publicity photo featuring Radames and Amneris. Radames wears an earlier design of the shoulder armor
Roman Armor for A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum - Dixie State University
Plastic costume armor reinforced with papier mache
Scrapbook paper papier mached to base to create the look of leather. Raised detail painted gold
Final layer of gold leaf to add a realistic shine to the armor
Finished product in production
Costume Distressing and Dyeing for Tuacahn Center for the Art's Annie - 2009 & Les Miserable 2008
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