Often, the world of Peter Pan falls into a realm of flowery fantasy. However, for my design, I wanted to create an energy of adventure. I found a lot of inspiration in the ideas of time and space present in the story. I could see each location as a boys' paradise for adventure: jungles, pirate ships, space. I also saw Neverland as a place of eternal twlight, since time has no power there. The quality of light during dawn and dusk can also be very shadowy which plays well with the stories use of shadow. The dusky light quality adresses the darker, moodier, themes of the story.  Also, since Neverland is described as being the "second star on the right and straight on till morning" I saw it as a sort of island floating in a nebula. This gave me the idea of unifying all of the scenes with stars and nebulas in addition to the constant presence of clocks.
The Nursery
Flight to Neverland
Neverland Forest
Lost Boys' house
The Jolly Roger
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