Seascape by Edward Albee
Two worlds collide in this play as a troubled elderly couple encounter a humanoid reptile couple, two sea Lizards that have come on land to sort out their own marital problems. Through the juxtaposition and contrast of their relationships, both couples learn to appreciate what they have. 
For this project, I wanted to experiment with mixed digital and traditional mediums. Using photographs as figure guides, I laid out and drew the figures in Photoshop and then printed and hand painted the pages. What I found from this process was that I could really experiment quickly with color and textures on scaled down prints. I felt that it also gave me a lot of flexibility in my drawing formats because I didn't have to erase, rather, I could just reposition already drawn elements.
In this design, what I really wanted to communicate was the contrast and harmony that the couples bring to each other. They mirror each other in some ways, and thus both females have purple in their costume and both males have blue. However, I also wanted to contrast the couple and I also wanted emphasize the lizards and their slightly surreal presence. I found yellow and orange were common colors on certain types of small sea lizards in Mexico, which is where I imagined the play happening.  Thus, I chose to use yellow and orange to punch up the lizards and then contrast them with the color mirroring of the couples. 
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