Mr 0 - I wanted Mr. 0 To look like a jumbled mess. The base of his pattern is 0 but there are other numbers in his pattern signifying how others impose on him. 
Daisy - I wanted Daisy to look like the ideal 1920's good girl. Fashionable yet well behaved. She is an obedient and sweet girl.
Shrdlu- For better or for worse, is Mr 0's guide through the underworld.  He is one of those characters that one is never sure about. Slightly manic and highly deranged, yet likeable in his own way. I chose for him to be in his underwear because I thought it spoke to his slightly off views and communicated his deranged nature. It is also something that will simply make him stand out and look out of place while still keeping him within the look of the play.
Judy O'Grady - Judy is responsible for Mr. 0's execution through false testimony. She is the town Harlot and the closest thing in the story to a traditional antagonist.
Mr & Mrs 5
Mr & Mrs 8 - a sampling of the styles for the other citizens of this world. I was particularly pleased with the figure 8 peal necklace.
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