Utah State University 2013
Directed by: Ken Risch
Costumes by: Spencer Potter
Set by: Chelsea Richards 
Lights by: Kenny Driggs 
"Set in 1964 in the Deep South during the early days of the Civil Rights Movement, VIOLET follows the growth and enlightenment of a bitter young woman accidentally scarred by her father. In hopes that a TV evangelist can cure her, she embarks on a journey by bus from her sleepy North Carolina town to Oklahoma. Along the way, she meets a young black soldier who teaches her about beauty, love, courage and what it means to be an outsider."
        - Synopsis courtesy of MTI 
Violet was an exciting production to work on. It's a lesser known musical but it has a beautiful score and story.  Ken, had some tremendous insight into the time period and brought to light that Violet is an allegory for the scarring of the nation which occurred after the assassination of President Kennedy and the beginning of the Vietnam War.  
From a costume perspective, I felt it was important to communicate the socioeconomic status of the characters. The play is set in 1964; however, because most of the characters are from the poor rural South, many were still wearing older styles of clothes. It was also important that Violet contrasted with the people she encountered on her travel. 
Violet - For Violet, I saw a pale, faded dress that she has altered her best throughout the years. Maybe it was her mom’s or she had bought it second hand. Violet is the personification of the scarred Nation that happened after the assassination of President Kennedy. As a symbol of the country, I had considered variations of red, white, and blue the image of a battered flag.  However, I felt having her in all blue would be best. Blue could serve as a symbol of the country and also reflect Violets personality. . 
Flick - as a man of color in the south in the early 1960's, Flick is up against a lot. I saw him as a gentleman and a scholar. He's had to go above and beyond to achieve his rank of 2nd Sargent. He is neat and exact.
Monty - Monty is the opposite of Flick. Monty is paratrooper Corporal. He's a thrill seeker, prone to not following rules and regulations and I think that would reflect in how he wears his uniform. 
Young Vi - Young Vi and Her father appear as memories throughout the play. I wanted to set them apart with faded bleached out colors to make them look like a faded memory.
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